Fixture is happy to house and sell custom artwork from artist Erika Krivda who believes that there is no one “thing” that inspires her. Her inspiration comes from an accumulation of three things: her past, present, and future. Coming from a family of artists, she has been painting and creating since she was a child. Erika watched her artwork evolve over the years and finds that she still uses the same techniques as when she was a child. She finds herself always reaching for shades of blue and once it engulfs her paintbrush she can breathe. It’s as if she is lost and then finds herself again while painting. Circle after circle…scrape after scrape…it leads her home.

She currently lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area, however, she’s originally from Nebraska. You can find her in my art studio or at Main Street Station~a gift store in Grapevine, TX owned by her mother and co-owned by herself!